Shipping Guide

So you’ve finished a batch of masks, submitted your batch to the inventory form, and have received your assigned location via e-mail?


First off: You’re amazing. Thank you so very much for your hard work.


Prior to mailing, please do your best to follow our friend Shanna Atchley-Shafer, BSN’s instructions: 


  1. Wash your masks in hot water with bleach (if available) and dry on high heat. You can also boil and air dry (in a clean location) if there is no washer/dryer available.

  2. Use freshly washed hands or gloved hands to transfer clean dry masks directly from drying into an impermeable, sealable bag (e.g. a ziploc bag)


Note that we will be instructing all of our recipients to sterilize these masks per their facilities standards on our packaging, so if you are unable to sanitize masks yourself, that’s OK. Please always practice good flu hygiene in the construction & mailing of your masks. Wash your hands frequently. 


Place your ziploc bag into a mailing envelope (for example: padded envelope or manila envelope). 


  • 3/4 thick is the magic dimension. From one of our sewists: “I placed my 10 masks in the ziplock back in a 9x12 white envelope. We dropped it through the post box’s magic ‘slot’ and it was a bit too fat so it was $4.50 to mail. I unsealed the ziplock, rolled it to get the air out like I do for packing, flattened it back out, closed the seal and tried again. EASY, less than 3/4"... so $2.00. In other words -- vacuum sealing (or my method :)) when sending a dozen masks may save on postage.”


Here’s our shipping label one pager. You can either make a copy of this (File→Make a Copy), personalize it, and print it out, or you can hand copy it onto the front of your mailing envelope. 


Purchase postage online and drop in a post box, bring the envelope to your local post office for mailing, or you can use USPS Click-N-Ship to schedule a pickup (no leaving the house required). Please remember to always practice proper social distancing and follow the CDC’s guidelines for protecting yourself.


Don't Forget!

  • If you can, procure a tracking number and respond to your order assignment e-mail with it so that your contribution can be marked as shipped!


Thank you again for doing your part to protect our health workers and other vulnerable populations!